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Character Designs

Twelve Months

Based on the Russian myth/cartoon "Twelve Months" that explains why the seasons change.

In the story, Marushka lives with her evil step-family who give her the impossible task of finding flowers and fruits during winter. Marushka encounters the spirits of the twelve months, who help her complete her tasks and eventually escape her abusive household.

Fiddling Circus
Inspired by nursery rhyme “Hey diddle, diddle!”
Animal-themed circus performers, who are thieves similar to Robin hood.

Mushroom Video Game Boss and Main Character
A Queen with life-magic keeps her dying kingdom alive by using her roots to trap them in a hive mind. The main character must use their death-magic to free the people while avoiding getting caught in the controlling sap.

Hunting the Heart
A knight ventures into an enchanted forest looking for it's magic heart-stone to bring to her king. A nymph convinces her to team up- little does the knight know, the nymph is the heart taken human(ish) form and she's definitely not interested in seeing a king.

Chupacabra from Chile
Based on a prompt: A cryptid that hunts down trophy hunters and poachers, leaving them emptied of blood. They come from a specific region of the world and include elements of at least two animals from that region

Monster Turn

On the Seas!

An infamous team of pirates reluctantly pick up a merman prince in their adventures!

Pirate Team.PNG
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